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We inform you that this website (the “Website”) is owned by POLYPEPTIDE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS SL . This Website uses proprietary cookies and similar technologies that store and retrieve information about users as they browse the Website for the purposes indicated in the section “Cookies and similar technologies used on the Website”.

Pursuant to the principle of proactive responsibility, however, please be advised that no personal data are collected or otherwise transferred through this Website without providing first the required legal information and obtaining your express consent in those cases in which it is necessary.

Information on the processing of information collected through cookies and similar technologies used on this Website is also available for consultation on this Cookies Policy.



Cookies and other similar technologies (local shared objects, flash cookies, web beacons, bugs, etc.) are small files created by websites downloaded onto your device (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) or browsers to store and retrieve certain user information (e.g. browsing habits or information about your devices and browsers).



Below, we list a few types of cookies based on various classification criteria:

Depending on  the entity managing the equipment or domain from which the cookies are sent and which processes the information obtained: 


      • Proprietary cookies: these are cookies sent to your device or browser from a computer or domain managed by the publishers of a website or application and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

      • Third-party cookies: these are cookies sent to your device or browser from a computer or domain that is not managed by the owners or publisher of a website or application, but by a third party that processes the information obtained through these cookies or similar technologies. 

    If these cookies are sent from a computer or domain managed by the website or application publishers, but the information collected through these cookies is managed by a third party, this type of cookies will not be treated as proprietary cookies as long as they are used by the third party for its own purposes (e.g. for improving the services it provides or to provide advertising services on behalf of another entity).

    Depending on the time the cookies remain activated in the users’ devices and browsers:


        • Session cookies: these are cookies designed to collect and store information as you access an application or website. Session cookies are usually used to store information that only needs to be retained for providing you with a one-time service and disappear when the session expires (e.g. when the browser is closed and the visit ends).

        • Persistent cookies: these are cookies that allow information to be stored on the user’s device or browser even after the session ends, allowing this information to be accessed and processed at a later time defined by the party responsible for the cookie. This period can range from a few minutes to several years, unless these cookies are manually deleted by the user.

      Depending on their intended purpose, cookies can be classified as follows:


          • Technical and required cookies: these are cookies that allow you to browse through an application or website and use the different options or services available. These cookies also enable the management and operation of the website or application by, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas, recalling the elements that comprise the products or services, completing the purchase process for a product or service, managing payments, controlling fraud associated with the security of the service, registering with or participating in an event, tracking visits for the purposes of invoicing software licenses for the software with which the service (website, platform or application) operates, using security elements during browsing, storing content for transmitting videos or sound, enabling dynamic content (e.g. text or image loading animation) or sharing content via social networks. Also included in this category are those cookies that allow advertising spaces to be managed as effectively as possible. These advertising spaces, which are another design or “layout” feature of the service offered to you, are included on a website or application based on a number of criteria, including the content edited. However, please note that no user information is collected for other purposes, including advertising customization or other contents.

          • Preference or customization cookies: these are cookies that allow information to be recalled to ensure that when you access a given website or application your experience is unique and different from that of other users: language, number of search results to be displayed when you perform a search, the appearance or content of a website or application depending on your type of browser, your region, etc.

          • Analysis or quantification cookies: these are cookies that enable your behavior to be tracked and monitored when visiting a website or application, including in terms of advert impact quantification. The information collected through this type of cookies is used to measure website or application activity, with a view to making improvements based on the analysis of usage data. 


            • Behavioural advertising cookies: these are cookies that store information on your behaviour obtained through continuous monitoring of your browsing habits. These cookies are aimed to effectively manage and display advertising spaces, which in turn makes it possible to create specific profiles that ensure that relevant advertising is displayed. 

            • Social media cookies: websites or applications may contain functionalities from third party websites (e.g. social media) that integrate scripts or other features that have the ability to read, and sometimes save, cookies and similar technologies on your browser or device (usually cookies and similar behavioural advertising technologies). Website or application publishers that integrate functionalities that incorporate social media cookies or similar technologies have no access to or control over them or over the information that the third parties may collect and which also manage their purposes and their own privacy practices. For this reason, before accepting the installation of these cookies on devices or browsers, users are advised to consult the privacy policies of the third parties responsible for these cookies and similar technologies. 

          Details of the cookies and similar technologies that may be installed on your device or browser as a result of accessing and browsing this Website are set out below in the section “Details of cookies and similar technologies”. 

          What are Cookies used for on our Platform?

          The main purpose of our Cookies is to make your browsing experience more comfortable and efficient. We use analysis cookies, analysis cookies are those that, treated by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do this, your browsing on our website is analysed in order to improve the supply of products or services that we offer.

          In any case, in the Cookies that we use we never store sensitive information such as passwords, credit or debit card data, etc.



          If you have allowed the installation of cookies and similar technologies through the cookie management and configuration system used by POLYPEPTIDE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS SL on this Website, you may at any time delete or change your settings via the button “Privacy Settings” which is included in the bottom section of this website, or through the tools provided by the browser that you have used to access and browse this website.

          However, we remind you that in those cases where you use devices with iOS versions 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5 and later, the effective configuration of consent for the installation of cookies and similar technologies for behavioural advertising purposes, analysis or measurement or preferences or customization that depend on your device’s identifiers should be done through Settings>Privacy>Tracking on your device.

          If you choose to use the tools provided by your browser, you should be aware that, depending on the type of browser, the procedure for changing the settings or deleting cookies and similar technologies may vary. For illustrative purposes, POLYPEPTIDE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS SL provides you with direct links to the main existing browsers through which you can, at any time, change the settings or delete cookies and similar technologies on which you have previously given your express consent:


              • Google Chrome

              • Mozilla Firefox

              • Internet Explorer

              • Microsoft Edge

              • MacOS Safari

              • iPhone/iPad Safari

            Please note that some Website features are only available if you allow cookies or similar technologies to be installed on your devices. If you choose not to accept or block certain cookies and similar technologies, this may impair the normal operation of the Website or prevent access to some of the Website’s services, as appropriate. 

            If you would like more information on how to withdraw your consent or on the procedure for disabling cookies, or if you have any questions about the Website’s Cookie Policy, please contact the Controllers at the following address 



            Interaction through this Website and the use of the different forms that are incorporated, including the forms of purchase of products and services, are not specifically aimed at children under fourteen (14) years old and therefore, whenever possible, users are requested to incorporate their date of birth as a mechanism to verify compliance with this requirement. POLYPEPTIDE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS SL is not responsible for the use that users under the age of fourteen (14) may make of the devices or terminals used to navigate through this Website.

            We are committed to particularly protecting minors’ information. If you are under fourteen (14) years of age, you must inform your parent or guardian before you continue browsing this Website so that they can accept, configure or reject this Website’s cookies on your behalf. If you are a parent or guardian and are concerned about the use that we make of your child’s personal information, please contact the Controllers at any time at



            When technical and required cookies are installed on your device or browser or when you expressly authorize the installation of any other type of cookies and similar technologies on your devices or browsers, the Website Controllers and third parties (e.g. service providers) may collect certain information, including the following: 


                • Technical details about your devices, including but not limited to connection to the internet and/or other networks, your IP address, your mobile device identifier, your operating system, your browser type or other software or data on your computer or other technical details. 

                • Details about the use of the services on this Website including, but not limited to metric information about when and how users use our services, traffic data, geolocation data (city and country), last date and time you visited the Website, access to the content you chose to view on your last visit.

                • Details regarding your informed consent expressly given for installing the cookies and similar technologies on your devices, including your consent status as proof of the consent required and given. 

              In any case, POLYPEPTIDE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS SL wishes to inform you that personal data gathered through the installation of cookies or similar technologies have been anonymized to ensure that you cannot be specifically identified. However, please note that this Website may also contain third-party logos or functionalities that incorporate cookies that may collect information for purposes over which the Controllers have no control. We strongly recommend that you consult the privacy policy and cookie policy of each of such third parties before accepting or rejecting the use of cookies to know exactly what information they may collect.



              When we transfer your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom or Switzerland, we ensure that there is an adequate level of data protection, based on the adequacy decisions of the European Commission taken under Article 45 of the GDPR and noting that the third country to which the data are transferred offers an adequate level of data protection.

              The processing of data takes place generally within the European Economic Area or in countries that have been declared with an adequate level of protection.



              We may amend the information contained in this Privacy and Cookies Policy when we consider this appropriate.

              Should we do so, we will notify you by various procedures through the Platform (for example, through a banner, a pop-up or a push notification), or we may even send you a notice to your e-mail address when the change in question is relevant to your privacy, for you to be able to review the changes, assess them and, as the case may be, object or unsubscribe from ay service or functionality. In any case, we recommend you to review this Privacy and Cookies Policy from time to time in case minor changes are made or we make any interactive improvement, taking the opportunity that you will always find it as a permanent point of information on our Website.


              Cookie Policy updated in March, 2024.